Plexal Onboarding Information

Plexal House Rules: Latest update (25th May 2017)




General Information:


The Community:


The Space:


Plexal Services:


Information Technology:



The Here East/Plexal relationship:

Here East and Plexal are separate companies. Here East control the 1.2m sqft site and the buildings including:

Plexal run the 68000 sqft ground floor of the former Olympic Press Centre. The Press Centre building as a whole is run by Here East.


Transport: Getting to Plexal and Here East:

Here are some useful links for getting to and from Plexal:

  1. Visit us at the centre:
  2. Get a shuttle to us from the different Stratford stations.


Accessing the Space/Security:

Opening hours are 7am to midnight Monday to Friday and 10am to 6pm on weekends, during which members will have access to the space. Reception hours are 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Access and security:

Access to Plexal is restricted to members, escorted guests and event attendees in the event space only. Each of these groups have certain parameters on how they may use and access parts of Plexal. Do not allow strangers, non-members who are not your guest, or minors to tailgate you into Plexal or any other restricted area that you have access to. While we make every effort to keep the space secure we don’t take responsibility for member property so please keep your own possessions secure at all times.

If you encounter someone wanting to enter into the space and you’re not sure that they are a member, do not allow them in under any circumstance, have them contact Plexal.


The main entrance to the city centre is the primary entrance for members and where members will greet their guests. This is through the Here East lobby. There is a second entrance via Canal side into Plexal Park next to the Event theatre. This will not always be open. During the running of events this will sometimes necessitate the closing of the parkspace and access to the canalside through the staircase.


Membership and Key cards are NOT transferable. Members are not authorised to “give” or “loan” their key card to anyone else for any reason.

Plexal may cancel any membership immediately if we discover that a member has violated this rule.

Reception staffing:

The Plexal reception will be staffed Mon-Fri from 7am to 6pm. From 6pm to 12pm Mon to Fri, the innovation centre will be staffed by security. The space will be monitored by CCTV on a 24/7 basis. We expect members to be mindful of security at all times. The reception team are your first point of contact for assistance. Help can also be requested by email on the Plexal Workspace Platform.

Visitor protocol

Visitors can only visit you in Plexal Mon to Fri.

A visitor is someone arriving on an adhoc basis for a tour or a meeting. Non-members coming to Plexal to work are classed as contractors and a member must buy a day or week pass for them.

You must meet your visitors at the Here East reception and escort them through to the Plexal reception so that they can be issued with a guest pass.

For non-members who are spending time in Plexal not actively meeting with you, who are working alongside of you, or who are present when you aren’t, we require you to purchase for them either a day pass, weekly pass or for them to apply for full membership.

You may actively meet with guests in your office, the communal areas and meeting rooms.

The member who invites and gives access to visitors, must be with them at all times and is responsible for their guest actions in both financial and legal capacities and should accompany them at all times. 

Guests may not setup to work on the Mezzanine space desks. 

Coffee/Tea facilities:

There are coffee, tea and water facilities in both of the shared kitchens, outside the innovation programme room and outside of Legacy Place at either end of the facility.

Printing/Scanning/Copying facilities:

Plexal has a printer/scanner/copier located in the workspace along the high street. You can update your printing credit through the online workspace platform. To print, press print like you normally would, then go to the nearest printer and swipe your membership card.


At Plexal we are committed to sustainable environmental practices. We also have to adhere to Here East sustainability rules. Rubbish and recycling bins are located around the centre. Please put the correct item in the correct bin.

Cleaning will take place daily. If you require your office to be cleaned, please let the Facilities manager know.


Unfortunately, there is no general storage available for larger items. Members that have an office can use that to store items and can bring in their own secure storage as long as it conforms to the Plexal terms and conditions. Hot desk and Fixed desk members can request a locker key for space in the locker room.


Plexal will accept mail and deliveries on your behalf during such premises regular business hours on Mon to Friday. Plexal have no obligation to store such mail or packages for more than fifteen (15) days of our receipt or if Plexal receive mail or packages after members terminate their membership. This feature is meant to allow members to accept business correspondence from time to time. It is not meant for an address for the receipt of merchandise or personal goods. As such, Plexal have no obligation to accept bulk or oversized mail or packages. Plexal take no liability for any mail deliveries.

Mail will be left in the mail room in the relevant cage using the first letter of the business name.

Bicycles and Showers:

There are showers and a limited number of bicycle racks on the -1 level of the Here East Press Centre (below Plexal). There are also bicycle racks located around the Here East site.

First Aid:

The first aid box is located behind reception. Please speak to a member of reception to get access and to report any accidents 


If you see something which is broken, not quite right or could be better, please let us know by contacting us through the workspace platform system or dropping a note into our honesty box on reception.


Pets are only allowed into the Plexal space when providing support to members who need visual or medical assistance. Members must obtain permission from Plexal to bring pets into the space. 


We aim to be as family friendly as we can, given the professional nature of the workspace. Children may be brought into the space on an ad-hoc basis and as a guest. This should not be a regular occurrence.




A shared environment will never be completely quiet (nor do we want it to be!), but all members are expected to be respectful of the needs of others. Noise needs to be kept at a reasonable level. Please be conscious of those around you and their need to focus on their work.

Smoking and Vaping is prohibited within Plexal.

Local community:

We want the Plexal ecosystem to be as rich an as wide as possible. From time to time we will promote offers and engagement with the local community.








Ask permission from Plexal before displaying branding or company products in parklets.


The Mezzanine Level and Legacy place:

Do not display branding or large items without agreement of Plexal.

Windows and walls:

Do not affix anything to the windows or walls. The windows must not be blocked to allow the full amount of light to reach the space.

Members should be considerate and clean their work areas when they are finished working each day. Plexal is not responsible for any personal items placed on desks or in any of the common areas.

From time to time, Plexal may allocate an area of the mezzanine as fixed desks for a specific purpose.

Phone Booths/Snugs:

The phone booths are designated for someone to have phone calls where they wish to have some privacy. The snugs are designated for people to meet informally for a short period of time. These spaces cannot be reserved and should be used for no more than 1 hour. If members wish to reserve a space then the meeting rooms are the best option. Once the call or meeting ends, please vacate the booth/snug. They are not intended to be a work space. 

Relaxation area / mediation pods:

There are relaxation pods on the mezzanine level and on the ground floor next to Legacy Place.


Bathrooms are signposted in the space. If the bathroom needs attention, please reception know. Additional toilet paper, hand towels etc. are located in the small table in each bathroom.


The kitchen is for members to use any time. The most important thing we ask for your help on is to keep the kitchen neat and tidy. Please clean up after each use. If you have dishes or cups, they must be cleaned, dried and put away. Dishes, utensils, cups, etc. may never be left in the sink or out to dry.

Every Monday morning, we will be clearing out everything from the fridge and freezer. 

Meeting rooms:

To schedule a room, you must use our online workspace platform at the “Bookings” Tab. Try and book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. The rooms are designated for places to meeting with guests and other Plexal members, to have conversations in a more private setting, to use when something you’re doing requires more space than a normal desk or when your activity might distract or disrupt others.

If you are using the room and it becomes someone’s scheduled time, please vacate the room, even if they have not arrived yet. When booking rooms, you should account for time to setup, conduct your activity, clean up and break down; the expectation here is that the time you book encompasses all you need to do to use the room.

If someone is still in the room as your designated meeting time is about to start - feel free to knock loudly to let them know that they need to vacate.

Clean up after you use a room, returning chairs and tables to their proper places, dispose of trash, turn off any AV equipment and ensure the doors is shut.

The Event Space:

The event theatre is a 180-capacity space for the hosting of internal and external events. One wall is retractable which can expand the space into Plexal Park. The space is bookable for half days (£2000+VAT) and full days (£3000+VAT) by speaking directly to reception (Discounted at 50% in first year of opening for members). The theatre is out of bounds unless an event is running that a member has signed up for. You should plan for setup prior to your event for things like setting up tables and chairs, then time after the event for breakdown and clean up. All events and clean up needs to be complete by 9pm.

During events the host is responsible legally and financially for guests. Event hosts are responsible for any damage and should leave the space in a clean and neat state. Trash recycled/disposed of in the appropriate bins, chairs returned to rack and any tables folded up and put away. Hosts who do not follow these guidelines may be subject to a cleaning fee. Events that run up against another event following their event, should end their event and begin clean-up 60 minutes prior to the next event.

Members who are interested in running an event should contact the Business Development Manager (Marcus King: for full details.



Professional Services:

Plexal has preferred professional services companies on site in the areas of accounting, legal and branding/design. Plexal have screened and selected these companies based on their expertise and experience dealing with start-ups. These companies will provide tailored and discounted services to the community. Members are not obliged to use them but Plexal does wholeheartedly recommend them to members.

Members can contact the firms through the Plexal workspace platform.


The Plexal mentor programme will allow members to connect with experts in their fields. Members can sign up through the Plexal workspace platform. There is a separate Mentor programme document that will be available through the Plexal workspace platform. This programme will launch in September 2017.

Benefits Partnerships:

Plexal members are encouraged to take advantage of the members-only discounts offered from local vendors and service providers. These will grow in number over time. These can be found on the Plexal workspace platform.

Corporate Programmes:

Plexal will be running intrapreneurship, incubation and acceleration programmes for corporates. Some of these will require involvement of specific types of start-ups. This is a fantastic opportunity if applicable to engage with a potential large customer and gain validation for your business. Notices about opportunities in this space will be distributed periodically.




Internet is included with your membership. The network should only be used by active members. Passwords will be updated on a periodic basis; the most current passwords and login are available at reception. Members are not to share login details with non-members.

Members are not to set up their own network devices under any circumstances.

Guest members and event attendees network access:

There will be a separate network for event attendees called “Plexal Events”. There will be a separate network for guests called “Plexal Guests”.

Server room:

Plexal will have a server room located in the broadcast centre which has air conditioning and restricted access. Members can store their servers here securely for an ongoing cost. Please ask reception for details.

Workspace system:

All community activities, messaging, booking and billing is done through the workspace platform. Members will be provided with a login during on boarding. Any questions, please ask at reception.

VOIP landlines:

These can be acquired by fixed desks and offices. You can acquire these direct with either Optimity or Worksmart through a monthly contract. Please contact reception for more details.